Elements of Information Theory Workshop

Stanford University
May 16, 2008

  Technical Program


All talks take place in the Packard Electrical Engineering Building, room 101.

8:30am Coffee and Pastries
9:00am Opening Remarks Abbas El Gamal, ISL Director, Stanford University
9:15am Session 1 Chair: Joy Thomas, Stratify
9:20am Information Theory Principles in Probability and Statistics     Slides Andrew Barron, Yale University
10:00am On Maximum Entropy     Slides Imre Csiszár, Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics
10:40am Coffee Break
11:05am Session 2 Chair: Frans Willems, Eindhoven University of Technology
11:10am Cover's Broadcast Channel    Slides Abbas El Gamal, Stanford University
11:50am Algorithmic Randomness Test for a Class of Measures     Slides Peter Gács, Boston University
12:30pm Lunch Break
2:00pm Session 3 Chair: Joshua Sweetkind-Singer, Gene Security Network
Recent Results, Open Problems, and Mathematical Puzzles
3:00pm Coffee Break
3:25pm Session 4 Chair: Alon Orlitsky, UC San Diego
3:30pm Use and Abuse of Information in Sports     Slides Hal Stern, UC Irvine
4:10pm Quantum Information     Slides Charles Bennett, IBM
4:50pm Across Cover's Universe     Slides Sergio Verdú, Princeton University
5:30pm Close
6:00pm Reception at the Cantor Arts Center
7:00pm Banquet at the Cantor Arts Center

Every Wednesday afternoon, Tom, his students and his visitors get together for a weekly group seminar. Each participant gives a short, focused presentation on a technical topic which will challenge and/or entertain everyone in the group during what are known as two-minute round robins. Because many Coverians regard this weekly seminar as a hallmark of their Tom Cover experience, we will hold a similar session in the afternoon called Recent Results, Open Problems, and Mathematical Puzzles. Please let us know know if you would like to participate with a two-minute teaser.