Elements of Information Theory Workshop

Stanford University
May 16, 2008

Workshop participants

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Photos from the workshop and banquet

Attack of the white monster

Imre Csiszar's talk

PhD students Lei Zhao and Taesup Moon

Andrew Barron, Joy Thomas and Martin Hellman

Suhas Diggavi and Elza Erkip

Thomas Kailath and Andrea Goldsmith

Melissa Julian, David Julian and Tom Cover

Amos Lapidoth and Abbas El Gamal

Jack Koplowitz and ByoungSeon Choi

Katherine Padulo and Carl Morris

Charles Bennett and Imre Csiszar

Paul Cuff's round robin problem

Lou Padulo, Brad Efron and John Gill

Tsachy Weissman, Jon Yard and Brad Osgood

Peter Gacs's presentation

Venkat Anantharam, Stephen Boyd, Amir Dembo and Alon Orlitsky

Mike Davis and Sergio Verdu

Cordell Green and Ben Friedlander

Young Han Kim

G. David Forney

Tom and Karen Cover - Make a wish, Tom!

Photos courtesy of Martin Hellman, ByoungSeon Choi, Charles Bennett and Denise Murphy